LaunchJoy Monthly Recap - February 2024

LaunchJoy Monthly Recap - February 2024

A Month to Remember: LaunchJoy's February Fiesta and the Road Ahead

The month of February was nothing short of extraordinary, at LaunchJoy. It was packed with activities and announcements that brought our community closer together and demonstrated our dedication to developing new ideas and having fun. 

This blog will offer an exclusive preview of the remarkable events that are poised to happen this March, in addition to highlighting the most noteworthy portions of February.

I. Celebrating the Lunar New Year with a Splash of Creativity

We got the month of February off to a rousing start by extending an invitation to our community to let their imaginations run wild at the Lunar New Year. The challenge? To create and share AI artwork that captures the essence of this vibrant celebration. 

The result was a stunning display of colors, symbols, and traditions, all converging within LaunchJoy. Our heartfelt thanks to every participant who shared their masterpieces, making this celebration one for the books. 

  • Event Duration: February 10th - 14th
  • Token of Appreciation: 10 artistic Joyers were awarded 1000 POINTs each!

Check out our Winners!

II. Nights to Remember: Community Nights with LaunchJoy

Our Community Nights took the fun up several notches with activities designed to entertain, engage, and connect. From adrenaline-pumping Poker Tournaments to cozy Movie Nights and brain-teasing Trivia Events, there was something for everyone! 

A special shoutout to our Poker Night champs – you're bluffing skills are legendary.

What to Expect:

Our Community Nights are designed to bring our members together for a variety of engaging activities, including:

  • Game Nights: Dive into the world of gaming with multiplayer matches, tournaments, and friendly competitions.
  • Chromia Gaming Playthroughs: Explore the immersive worlds of Chromia games with our exclusive playthrough sessions.
  • Developer Discussions: Gain insights into game development, blockchain technology, and more with our developer-led discussions.
  • Movie Nights: Sit back, relax, and enjoy movie screenings with your fellow community members.
  • Trivia Events: Put your knowledge to the test and compete in exciting trivia challenges.
  • Poker Tournaments: Test your skills and bluff your way to victory in our poker tournaments.

These nights are the heart of our community, bringing everyone together for laughter, competition, and unforgettable memories.

III. On the Road: IRL LaunchJoy Events Tour 2024

2024 is a year of exploration and expansion for LaunchJoy. During our voyage to spread the word about LaunchJoy, we will be stopping at:

  • WN Conference and AIBC Euroasia, UAE: February's blockchain extravaganzas.
  • ART DUBAI (VIP ACCESS): An exclusive blend of art and technology.
  • and many more, from Germany's Gamescom Global to Japan's Tokyo Game Show.

We take great pleasure in engaging in conversation with members of our community, potential business partners, and even learning about your project. 

Send an email to if you're interested in meeting up at one of these events to talk business or explore potential partnerships.

III. Warm Conversations: Fireside Chats & AMAs

Our Fireside Chats have been a cozy corner for deep dives into LaunchJoy's platform and beyond, featuring:

  • Engaging Discussions: Staking $CHR, community nights, and the metaverse.
  • Insightful AMAs: A partnership spotlight with Chromia and web3 gaming insights.

Our host, Claire Maddrell is joined by Sergey and Kaletso , for an enlightening conversation every week discussing trending topics and sharing project updates where the stage is open to the community to ask questions and gain insights on all things web3. 

Topics this month:

  1. Staking $CHR, Community Nights and discussing our OG Welcome Party 
  2. Building in Web3
  3. Metaverse and AI advancements - Tweet Link Recap
  4. Web3 Games - Tweet Link Recap
  5. Chromaway X LaunchJoy AMA Twitter Spaces - Tweet Link Recap

Stay cozy and informed with LaunchJoy!

V. Quest for Glory: Zealy Quest Update

Our Zealy Quest has been a thrilling adventure, rewarding our most engaged Joyers:

  • Sprint Rewards: $2500 distributed to winners' wallets so far!
  • New Sprint, New Winners: Check if you're among the lucky ones!

Winners' List Here!

VI. Multiplying Joy: POINTs Multiplier

Last but not least, our POINTs Multiplier event sent waves of excitement through the community, with POINTs multiplying overnight! It’s our way of saying thank you for your engagement, enthusiasm, and support. 

It has been a pleasure to observe the ascent of your POINTs, and we are excited to provide you with other surprises similar to this one in the future.

What’s Brewing in March?

As we bid farewell to an incredible February, March promises to bring its own set of adventures. Get ready for LaunchJoy Quest Season 1, where challenges and rewards reach new heights. Plus, we're buzzing with excitement over upcoming new partnerships that are set to redefine LaunchJoy. Stay tuned, because we’re just getting started!

Marching Forward

Reflecting on the past month, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the energy, creativity, and spirit of collaboration that each of you contributes to our community. We will carry this enthusiasm forward as we move into the month of March, and we should continue to work together to create an ecosystem that is dynamic, engaging, and joyous.

We extend to you a heartfelt invitation to go with us on this incredible journey, and we can't wait to find out what the next chapter has in store for us.

Quests Season 1 is on the horizon 🌄 

About LaunchJoy

LaunchJoy is a platform designed to become a central hub for gaming studios, developers and creators interested in Chromia’s gaming and ecosystem. LaunchJoy will launch as a mystery box NFT sales and Quests platform, and then gradually expand its services, features, and offerings to bring value to both end users and project teams.

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