LaunchJoy Monthly Recap: The Best of LaunchJoy in March 2024!

LaunchJoy Monthly Recap: The Best of LaunchJoy in March 2024!

Hello, Joyers!

Welcome to LaunchJoy's March 2024 Newsletter, a monthly roundup of all the exciting and new things happening in our community. March 2024 has been a memorable month full of groundbreaking partnerships, rewarding community events, and significant strides forward in the Web3 gaming sector. 

Transitioning from the cold embrace of winter to the hopeful warmth, let's look back at the important events that have made this month memorable for the LaunchJoy.

I. 📢 LaunchJoy x Monsterra x Bulliverse AMA 

Our AMA session on March 15th, with the creative minds behind Bulliverse and LaunchJoy, was a smash hit! Hosted on Monsterra Binance Live, we connected with over 2,500 viewers from across the globe, going deep into the features, success stories, and future plans of LaunchJoy as well as our AMA partners. 

You can catch up on all the insights and discussions right here →

II. 🃏 March 20 Poker Night Recap

Our Discord channel was buzzing with excitement on March 20th, as LaunchJoy hosted a Poker Night, bringing together community members for a night filled with strategic gameplay and camaraderie. If you couldn't join us this time, don't worry! There are more events on the horizon. 

Stay tuned on our Discord channel and make sure to join us next time for an evening you won't want to miss.

IV. 🎮 Cloudborn Game Launch

The Chromia gaming ecosystem just got bigger with the launch of Cloudborn on March 14th. This Web3 RPG fantasy game has shown great promise, with early in-game graphics impressing both crypto natives and gamers alike. 

Explore the world of Cloudborn by going to their official website and get started. 

V. 📋 Chromia ($CHR) Delegation Update

A gentle reminder to all $CHR holders: it's time to redelegate your staked $CHR to keep earning POINTs. The process is straightforward:

1. Visit Chromia Staking

2. Choose your delegation preference.

For an in-depth guide and the latest information on redelegating your $CHR, check out this comprehensive blog

VI. 🪄 Magic Square x LaunchJoy: Preparing for a Magical Collaboration

We're thrilled to announce an upcoming collaboration with Magic Square, a leading web3 app store! This partnership will bring LaunchJoy directly to a wider audience within the web3 app store space. This not only increases market validation but also expands our user base, marking the exciting beginning of many joint initiatives to come.

Stay tuned for more details and make sure to visit us on Magic Square to be part of the magic we're creating together.

VII. 🥚 Web3 Easter Eggstravaganza

The Web3 Easter Eggstravaganza has come to a close! This exciting event, featuring a $2600 prize pool, brought a multitude of communities together for a fun hunt.

In partnership with noteworthy platforms, which includes Monsterra, Eragon, and a great number of others! 

VIII. LaunchJoy Egg Spotter 🥚

Celebrating the Easter festivities, we hid a LaunchJoy logo within the bundle of eggs in our Happy Easter Campaign. Raffling off 500 POINTs to one lucky winner who Liked and RT our post, with a bonus addition to the raffle if they DM where the LaunchJoy Logo is hiding!

Our lucky winner has been notified and we wish you an amazing start to the Spring season!

Gaming Market Update 🎮

The 'Gaming Crypto' sector is experiencing significant growth, with the total market capitalization of the 'Gaming Crypto' sector reaching $43.32 billion at the time of writing

The Spring of April

March wraps up, and we're overflowing with gratitude for your incredible participation and enthusiasm!  Get ready to level up in April! We've got a jam-packed month planned, including the formation of new partnerships that will open up incredible opportunities for us and our partners. 

Plus, we have a few surprises that we can't wait to reveal, so make sure you're ready for the exciting debut of Quest Season 1. Cheers to an April that is packed to the brim with opportunities for cooperation, fun, and creativity!