Inside Look at LaunchJoy Quests: Updates, Recap and Future Vision

Inside Look at LaunchJoy Quests: Updates, Recap and Future Vision

Greetings, brave Joyers!🧙 Are you ready for an update on our monumental journey through our first-ever LaunchJoy Quests? We've been very busy building quests, slaying challenges, and collecting treasures of rewards and inspiration along the way. 

LaunchJoy Quest Visualiser

So, grab your trusty quest map 🗺️ and let's take a look at where we stand:

Week 1: The Dawn of Quests Announced

Week 1 was a blast. We quested, we laughed, we maybe battled a rogue 🤺 coffee mug or two (no one's judging)... now buckle up because the story of Week 2 and Week 3 quests skyrocketed us into hyperspace. 

As always, follow the map🗺️ , fellow Joyers, and let's find out!

Week 2: LaunchJoy Goes Galactic!

LaunchJoy and QuestN Campaign
  • QuestN Launch: QuestN wasn't just about pushing your limits, it was about pushing them towards a treasure chest overflowing with 2000 USDC!
  • Raffle #1 Spins into Orbit: Fortune's wheel spun, fates were sealed, and lucky Joyers blasted off with a lot of epic prizes!

Week 3: Hyperspace Adventures Continue!

  • 2nd Mirror Article Illuminates: The second Mirror article casted wisdom and insights to guide our questers path. Did you mint its earthly knowledge?
  • Raffle #2 Rolled Again: Fortune's wheel keeps spinning, Joyers! Raffle #2 is a cosmic roulette (okay, maybe not cosmic, but still awesome!). 
  • LJ/Claimr Quests Expand (Prepare for Takeoff!): Attention, Joyer fleet - the quest board's still brimming with challenges – which one will you tackle next? Join the Joyer community and claim your own slice of victory!

Let's dive into Week 4 and Week 5... together!

Week 4: Joyers Take Center Stage!

Link3 Community Call Banner
Link3 Community Call Banner
  • Link3 AMA Round Two: Back by popular demand, the Link3 AMA returned, a digital campfire lit with wisdom and insight. 
  • Raffle #3 Spins the Wheel of Fortune: And then, fate took the wheel with Raffle #3! Entries soared, hopes swelled, and lucky Joyers erupted in cheers. Did you join the cosmic lottery? 


For every invited member who completes at least one quest, you will earn POINTs. For every 5 members who complete at least one quest, you will receive more POINTs. Visit LaunchJoy and refer a friend to win your share of POINTs. 

Week 5: Zealy's Magic and Smoothie Quest Announcement

  • Zealy Quest Updates Spark Joy: We brewed our courage, sharpened our spells, and embarked on enchanting adventures. Have you conquered the mystical challenges?


Over $2,500 in rewards are up for grabs on LaunchJoy Quest on Zealy! What are you waiting for? 

LaunchJoy and Zealy Quest Banner

Join the quest TODAY at here!

  • Smoothie Upvote Quest is LIVE: LaunchJoy Quests and Smoothie? Name a more iconic duo, we'll wait! Upvote us on Smoothie, invite your friends and earn POINTs! Let's see who can claim the title of "Smoothie King (or Queen) of LaunchJoy.

Beyond the Horizon, Bigger Adventures Await!

The path we've traveled so far has been filled with epic challenges and bountiful rewards, this is just the beginning. 

The upcoming quests promise to take the excitement to a whole new level 🌟 , with even more incredible and substantial rewards waiting to be claimed by daring questers like YOU. 

Join the LaunchJoy Quest today, the map 🗺️ is yours, the treasures await, now go write your legend!

About LaunchJoy

LaunchJoy is a platform designed to become a central hub for gaming studios, developers and creators interested in Chromia’s gaming and ecosystem. LaunchJoy will launch as a mystery box NFT sales and Quests platform, and then gradually expand its services, features, and offerings to bring value to both end users and project teams.

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