Introducing the LaunchJoy Quests Campaign!

Introducing the LaunchJoy Quests Campaign!

Welcome to LaunchJoy, an innovative and rewarding platform for web3 Gamers and investors. On LaunchJoy, you'll find more than just games. You'll find quests that challenge your senses, skills, and curiosity in new and exciting ways. Our goal is to build a community for all Chromia gaming projects where gamers can find the tools they need to fully enjoy and have fun while engaging in various platform activities.

To launch this goal, LaunchJoy is excited to announce the launch of our first ever LaunchJoy Quests Campaign! This campaign is designed to give users a fun and interactive way to learn about everything about LaunchJoy while also rewarding their participation.

Campaign Timeline

Campaign Start Date: 13 November 2023 

Campaign End Date: 13 January 2024 

LaunchJoy Quest: 13 November 2023 - 13 January 2024 

Zealy: 13 November 2023 - 13 January 2024 

QuestN: 21 November 2023 - 13 January 2024 

Galxe: 22 November 2023 - 13 January 2024 

Join Discord

Join our Discord channel to start your journey, and once you're there, click on any emoji in the welcome message to get the @Joyer role. This is the basic role that everyone gets when they join our server.

To see a list of your acquired roles, send a message in the #general channel, and then click on your profile picture.

Complete Quests and Earn Discord Roles, NFTs, and Prizes!

We’ve got quests lined up on Web3 platforms—the LaunchJoy website, Zealy, Mirror, Link3, and QuestN. Once you complete each, you will receive a new role on Discord (except for LaunchJoy website [POINTs]). Complete all Quests campaigns to earn POINTs + 5 Discord roles and receive an NFT while being entered into a prize draw!

After completing these Quests you will receive: Joyer, Hunter, Reader, Listener, and Staker roles to get an OG NFT!

To participate in the LaunchJoy Quests campaign, simply follow the instructions in this article.  We encourage all of our users to participate and have fun! 

Now, let’s run through the Quest platforms one-by-one. 

Explore LaunchJoy

The campaign starts on the LaunchJoy website, where you can play the first Quests campaign and learn more about our platform while earning XPs!

Here, you can find quests that are specific to the LaunchJoy website, such as joining our communities and exploring our various web3 campaigns on other platforms. 

To claim it, connect your wallet and follow the quest instructions on the Quests page of the LaunchJoy website. 

Here are some of the quests you will encounter when you start campaigning on our website:

  1. Join LaunchJoy’s Discord, Telegram and X/Twitter communities. 
  2. Retweet LaunchJoy’s X/Twitter posts.
  3. Join LaunchJoy’s Web3 Campaign’s on Zealy, Mirror, Galxe, Link3 and more! 
  4. Become a CHR adopter by staking CHR on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Please head over to our website ( for a complete and updated list of quests on this platform. 


Now that you have earned your first POINTs, it’s time to start acquiring Discord roles! 

Zealy is the first one on our campaign list. It is a Web3 Quest platform where you can perform various social activities, tasks, and quizzes to learn more about our platform and what we do. In Zealy, participants are encouraged to complete quests on a daily basis to increase their chances of quickly earning the necessary role and reward!

To claim it, follow the quest instructions on the quest board, connect either your Discord or MetaMask account, and claim your XP rewards. Rewards like XP and Discord Roles will be automatically sent out on successfully completed quests.


Mirror is a Web3 publishing platform that we will use to publish various articles about our project, including tips, recommendations, and important updates. Participants are encouraged to read these articles and mint them afterwards to acquire a special role in the Discord channel.

To claim it, scroll down to the bottom of the article and click “Mint”. Connect your wallet, and you’re good to go!

To complete the Mirror quest, mint all of our 2 articles. Once you have it, visit the #roles channel on Discord. Click the “Join Contribution Program” button using the bot, and you will receive the Mirror Reader role.

We look forward to seeing you on Mirror!


Link3 is a Web3 social networking platform that we will use to organize voice sessions with the community, connect with the team, answer your questions, and talk about our plans. We encourage you to attend these sessions and acquire the "presence" token afterwards to receive a special role in the Discord.

  • When the event starts, go to #AMAs on our Discord.
  • Stay with us for at least 10 minutes—that’s the minimum Link3 requirement to claim the token.
  • After the event ends, go to the event Link3 page and click “Claim Web3 Status Token (WEST)”

To complete the Link3 quest, claim at least 2 WEST tokens from our events. Once you have it, visit the #roles channel on Discord. Click the “Join Contribution Program” button in the bot, and you will receive the Link3 role.

Come connect with us on Link3; we're eager to hear your thoughts and answer your questions (no matter how tough!).


Galxe is a Web3 credential platform, empowering brands and developers to cultivate robust communities, innovative products and meaningful engagement​. The platform is dedicated to enhancing the Web3 experience by providing a rich suite of tools and a plug-and-play dashboard, ensuring impactful interactions for both developers and users​.

We encourage you to complete all 3 quests which will range from social media activities to OAT claiming to receive the Galxe role in the Discord.

Once you finish all of it, visit the #roles channel on Discord. Click the “Join Contribution Program” button in the bot, and you will receive the Galxe Discord role.


QuestN is a platform where we will conduct additional quests as part of a special promotion. Stay tuned for announcements about these 3 QuestN quests, and for completing activities on QuestN, you will also receive the QuestN role on Discord.

To claim it, follow the quest instructions on the quest board and connect your MetaMask account. Rewards like Discord Roles will be automatically sent out on successfully completed quests.

Quests Completed? Mint Your OG NFT, and Enter to Win!

When you complete all activities and receive all roles, you will be granted an exclusive Discord role—the OG role, the key trophy of this quest campaign that opens a number of opportunities.

To receive the role, write a message in the #role-claim channel on Discord. We will check your roles, and if you’re all set, we will grant you the OG role. 

Make sure to do this before the campaign end date—on this day, we will start distributing the OG NFT to those who received the role!

Got Questions?

We know that's a lot to take in. If anything is unclear or you're having trouble with a quest, please don't hesitate to contact us on Discord or Telegram. We're here to help!

Good luck on your Quests. Onward and upward, future OGs!

About LaunchJoy

LaunchJoy is a platform designed to become a central hub for gaming studios, developers and creators interested in Chromia’s gaming and ecosystem. LaunchJoy will launch as a mystery box NFT sales and Quests platform, and then gradually expand its services, features, and offerings to bring value to both end users and project teams.

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