LaunchJoy Lunar Quest: Exclusive Alpha, New Year Quest Rewards, and More!

LaunchJoy Lunar Quest: Exclusive Alpha, New Year Quest Rewards, and More!

Introducing LaunchJoy’s Lunar Quest on Zealy

Happy Lunar New Year to all of our community members that celebrate this special season 🐉🧧

LaunchJoy is thrilled to unveil ‘LaunchJoy’s Lunar Quest on Zealy’, a quest crafted to usher in the new year with ‘POINTs’ rewards. This special event is our way of commemorating the festive season, bringing together the LaunchJoy community for an unforgettable adventure.

What to Do

- Create: AI artwork inspired by Lunar New Year.

- Submit: Post your creation in our Twitter comments by February 14th

- Prize: 10 lucky artists will earn 1000 POINTs each!

- Timeline: February 10th - 14th. Get creative and let the festivities inspire you!

Prizes Await: Your artwork could bring you luck and points!

Twitter Link:

Ready, set, create! 

Introducing Our First NFT Collection

We're thrilled to soon show off our “OG Pass” NFT to our most dedicated players. You've really stood out by taking part in our quests with so much enthusiasm. To say thanks, we're giving you something special: the OG NFT.

Stay Tuned

We haven't shared the chosen OG NFT just yet. Keep an eye out for updates on when and how you can claim your SBT NFT.

And remember, our top players have already picked their favourite NFTs. It's our way of making sure you get something exclusive for all your hard work!

About LaunchJoy

LaunchJoy is a platform designed to become a central hub for gaming studios, developers and creators interested in Chromia’s gaming and ecosystem. LaunchJoy will launch as a mystery box NFT sales and Quests platform, and then gradually expand its services, features, and offerings to bring value to both end users and project teams.

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